How will GDPR affect the way we sell?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is going to affect the way every business sells and markets itself to both consumers and business stakeholders, regardless of Brexit. Today the BBC released news of the proposed changes and impacts GDPR will bring, but know this; GDPR will be enforced as of 25th May 2018. 

The first improvement to make before marketing anything.

When I meet new business owners or Marketing Managers at events, networking evenings or in an initial consultation, I often get asked, what is the best thing 'we' should do to market better? And really, the right question (while only slightly different), makes a tremendous impact on improving your marketing.

Why Service Delivery Plays A Vital Role In Customer Engagement

Providing a service that focuses on value creation nowadays, is highly important, and with competition in every sector bursting at the seams, your service delivery should be end-to-end, blue-chip certified to maximise customer engagement.

Service Delivery is all about how you present your company to every client.  As a prime example, I have recently been through a not-so-smooth service experience myself; but not to name and shame, we'll call them 'Online Retailer 1'. Now, Online Retailer 1 has a really great website, especially for it's target audience - easy to navigate around, plus their marketing and lingual approach is really appropriate. So I searched for my clothes, read the descriptions, added to cart... you know how it goes. Easy peasy.

Top 3 Processes that Affect Sales and Marketing in your Business.

In the chain of your average customer journey, there are 3 processes that are most likely to affect the marketing output and the sales made in your business.

  1. Responsibility Management.
  2. Client Location.
  3. Your Selling Process.

Businesses in the North West, nationally and internationally will either sell using traditional methods for their sector / industry and/or, in the best ways that suit their internal structure and client type. 

Why a well-balanced marketing plan is important for growth-focused business owners.

In just the same way that the food you eat determines how much energy you have; for a business to survive or grow, it needs a Well-Balanced Marketing Plan. 

Finally - a business grade solution to improve SME Marketing & Sales.

One of my biggest complaints/issues or beefs (pardon the pun), in the creative and marketing sector is that Managing Directors or Marketing Managers in SME's who typically ask us and our competitors to quote for work, often don't truly know what it is they want or need. They know increasing their SME sales is the driver, but they are often misguided by presumptions, personal feelings or internal factors which cloud the real requirements that need to be tackled.


A Powerful Creative Team from UCLan 

I graduated in 2004 from The University of Central Lancashire or UCLan for short, in Graphic Design. When I started out as a freelancer in 2006 I was plagued by the belief that I had to look bigger than I was in terms of internal resource. Even after I went limited in 2011, was training an apprentice and later had another position in place too, I was continually under this shadow that businesses wouldn't work with us if they thought we were small.

Is the Leicester City Manager Sacking Really Typical Business Behaviour?

Some have said the sacking of Claudio Ranieri from Leicester City is proof that football teams are run more as businesses than as football clubs. It's a complicated matter because while every football club is a business, I believe teams of people within businesses should be treated with different forms of accountability than those set for business performance.

How can we tell if our print has increased sales?

'The 64 million dollar question' and one that if we could answer confidently and completely would make us very wealthy people. In short it is very difficult to determine how many sales have happened because of print. The evolution of online marketing has made it easier to track and analyse visits, sales and overall conversions but for print it is still not an easy task. Just because it is difficult to track doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try or that we should discount print. For many years print has been a key part of marketing strategies globally and one that continues to play an important role.